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Wine a Little Laugh a Latte

Perk Up Your Day Today!

Welcome to our page! Since you are here, it’s likely you have the same love that we do for all things coffee and wine. Here you will find novelty items, branded apparel, and of course coffee and wine. We are two sisters who have brought the best of both worlds to one convenient place. Sharing joy, happiness, and the love for all things coffee and wine. Cheers!



We have teamed up with some amazing coffee brands, click the links below for deliciousness at your fingertips.

KOA Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee

Spirit Animal Coffee, LLC

Cardiology Coffee



Just like fine wine, it is better when you wait for it to age. We are working on teaming up with local wineries. If you did not know, there are many local wineries within 30 miles of San Diego.  In time we will partner with a local winery so that you can get delicious local wines shipped right to you.

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