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How Coffee Was Born...GOATS!

Welcome to the first blog about coffee on our website! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to enjoy a quick read. We hope you are enjoying your favorite brew, hot or iced, as you continue on. Coffee is a very popular drink that is enjoyed in almost every country around the world. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Did you know that coffee started becoming popular in the 17th century, but can be traced back a few centuries prior to the ancient coffee forests on Ethiopian land? It was a divine and interesting discovery. History explains that the initial discovery of coffee beans came from a goat herder and his goats. Legend goes, the goats ate some berries from a particular plant and later it was difficult for them to go to sleep at night. The goats seemed to have a lot of energy and were not settling down as they generally would.

The unique tree that was discovered was, you guessed it... a coffee bean tree. From that moment, people started drinking the essence of those unique berries. Coffee! Word spread around the world and coffee became a staple beverage to enjoy, at just about any time of day.

Not only does coffee have a fun and interesting history of discovery, it also has a plethora of health benefits. Research suggests that if coffee is consumed in moderation, it can be considered a “healthy drink.” According to Diane Vizthum, M.S., R.D., research nutritionist for John Hopkins University School of Medicine, “Caffeine is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about coffee. But coffee also contains antioxidants and other active substances that may reduce internal inflammation and protect against disease.”

Many studies have shown that coffee may contribute to a decreased risk of multiple chronic diseases. So the next time your spouse, friend, or parent says that you love coffee too much, tell them the story of the goats discovering the coffee plant and politely let them know that you are getting your fix of caffeinated nutrients. Then, go on and continue to love your coffee. We sure do!

If you are looking to try a new flavor, boldness, or region based coffee, or if you are seeking to add a little adventure to your day, you may want to try one of these popular coffee brands:

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